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From flexible workspaces, coworking, to large corporate offices. Find a place to work using Realla.

Explore Realla to discover offices to lease, co-working space to rent, workspace to let, serviced offices for rent, office accommodation to rent, demised premises, offices space for rent near you, self-contained office space to rent and small offices to lease. We are the most comprehensive and accurate source for all kinds of office to rent in the UK whether you are looking for a flexible or self-contained office rental, co-working space, flagship office headquarters to lease or just love searching the office rental market!

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What is office property?
Office is a type of commercial property which serves a clerical function such as information collection, record analysis, distribution of information and executive function such as planning, policy formulation, organisation, decision making and similar.
What types of office properties are there?
Office properties are covered under Class E of commercial property. There are various types of office space including traditional, short-term, flexible, serviced and shared offices.
How many office spaces does Realla list?
Realla lists 3,211 office spaces located in the UK. It includes 3,045 office spaces to rent and 166 office buildings for sale.
How do I advertise my office space on Realla?
Get in touch with the Realla team on and we will send you more information on our Signature Ad packages. We also offer a self-service tool Marketing Centre to list your property directly.